Trousers in History

  • In Asia both women and men have long worn pants for warmth, comfort, and convenience. In Rome and Greece women and men wore tunics.
  • In the fourth century, women in the Western world wore pants, which they adapted from the Persians. At that time, pants were considered unmanly.
  • By the Middle Ages in Europe women were wearing dresses and men were wearing breeches.
  • After the French Revolution, men took off their high heels, silk stockings, and wigs and began wearing trousers.
  • In the nineteenth century women put on trousers to ride horses, but they hid them by wearing full skirts on top.
  • All trousers were pull-ons until the nineteenth century, when front closures using buttons were introduced.
  • Jeans were the first trousers to put women and men on equal terms.
  • Until 1970 it was not fashionable and sometimes against the law for women to wear pants in offices, classrooms, and restaurants in the U.S.
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