Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Are the Indiana Jones films historically accurate?

by Mark Hughes

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In theLast Crusade


Indiana Jones and treasure hunters were after the Cross of Coronado, an ornament once belonging to Francisco Coronado.The Cross of Coronado does not exist.
The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword is a secret religious cult that protects the Holy Grail.No secret religious cult exists by that name, but if we knew their name they wouldn’t be very secret.
The grail is found in the "Canyon of the Crescent Moon."The "Canyon of the Crescent Moon" is actually the ancient rock city of Petra in Jordan. The building shown in the film is Al Khazneh, literally "The Treasury"; it is the most elaborate building in Petra.
Sir Richard, a Knight Templar of the First Crusade, has the eternal task of protecting the grail.No notable "Sir Richard" was involved with the First Crusade. The Knights Templar was founded after the first crusaders captured Jerusalem; the knights were charged with protecting Christian pilgrims traveling to see holy relics.
The Holy Grail can bestow immortality.The Holy Grail has never been found, so there is no evidence to show it has any powers or gifts to bestow.
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