Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Are the Indiana Jones films historically accurate?

by Mark Hughes

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In the Temple of Doom


The Thuggee cult worshipped Kali-ma and ravaged villagers in India until the 1930s.The Thuggee cult did exist in India until 1890. They worshipped Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. The English word "thug" comes from the Thuggee cult for their violent criminal actions.
The Thuggee cult ripped the beating hearts out of their victims.Members of the Thuggee cult would strangle their victims with a scarf called a roomal. By the 19th century, it is estimated that the Thuggee were killing 40,000 people a year in honor of Kali.
Most of the Thuggee cult was hunted down by the British army in 1854, with a small group of cult members surviving into the 1930s when they faced Indiana Jones.The Thuggee cult was hunted by the British army from the 1830s until they were completely eliminated in 1890.
Uniting the five Sankara stones will give a person the power to rule the world.The Sankara stones do not exist. There was an Indian philosopher named Sankara (Shakara or Sankaracarya) who lived around the year 700 A.D. Legend does say that Sankara climbed Mount Kalisa where he met the Hindu god Siva (Shiva), but history does not record a reference to any stones.
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