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Learn about the symbolism, origin of names, and other interesting tidbits about Twilight


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  • Edward talks about twilight, the time between sunset and full night, as the safest, easiest, and saddest time of day. Twilight is also defined as an intermediate state that is not clearly defined–a clear reference to the vampire's existence in a sort of undead limbo.
  • The song by Debussy that is a favorite of both Bella's and Edward's is called "Clair de Lune," or Moonlight. The composer died in Paris in 1918–the same year Edward "died" and was reborn as Edward Cullen.
  • Edward's name was inspired by Charlotte Bronte's Mr. Rochester and Jane Austen's Mr. Ferrars. Stephenie Meyer chose Isabella for her heroine because she had picked out that name for the daughter of her own flesh and blood that she never had.
  • Edward compares himself to a carnivorous flower; the almost surreal beauty of the vampires helps them lure human prey. There are about 630 species of carnivorous plants, which use five different techniques to capture their food: pitfall traps, flypaper traps, snap traps, bladder traps, and lobster-pot traps.
  • There is an actual city of Forks, Washington. It is home to the Hoh Rain Forest, which in turn, is the habitat of the Sitka spruce, the Roosevelt elk, and the Douglas squirrel.
  • Spanish influenza (a virus strain of the subtype H1N1) caused a worldwide pandemic beginning in the year 1918. The virus struck by triggering an overstimulation of the body's immune system, a cytokine storm, and found its victims among the healthiest of the population-those with the strongest immune systems. In fact, the Spanish flu was responsible for more American deaths than World War I.
  • Bella suffers from a condition called hemophobia, a word derived from the Greek haima (blood) and phobos (fear). Another name for hemophobia is hematophobia.
  • The name Jasper means "treasurer" in Persian. This name was traditionally assigned to one of the wise men who were said to have visited the newborn Jesus. Jasper is also the name of a gemstone.
  • The high schoolers enjoy a beautiful driftwood fire when they go to the beach at La Push. Experts do not recommend burning driftwood in your fireplace at home; the combination of organic material in the wood and the sodium chloride (salt) can produce dioxin, a toxin.
  • The Quileute spun long dog hair into warm blankets and wove fine baskets–some of them capable of holding water.
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