Water Serpents

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

In the Old Testament of the Bible, Leviathan is a large sea monster who represents the forces of evil. In Arabian folklore, Behemoth is an enormous fish swimming in a bottomless sea carrying all of creation on its back.

In present times, the Loch Ness Monster remains one of the world's most famous mysteries. “Nessie” is thought to be a giant creature with a huge rounded body, maybe 100 feet long, and a long neck. Some think it is a prehistoric seagoing dinosaur, pleiosaur. It lives in the inky black waters of the immense, 700-foot-deep Loch (Lake) Ness in Scotland. “Nessie” has been sighted many times. An expedition in 1934 at the height of “monster fever” claimed 21 sightings and took 5 pictures. No one has yet caught this elusive creature or scientifically proved its existence. Tales of the Loch Ness Monster may be the basis for stories of similar freshwater serpents in other places.

Cousins of the Loch Ness Monster?

Who Where
Champ Lake Champlain, U.S.
Chessie Chesapeake Bay, U.S.
Ogopogo Okanagan Lake, British Columbia
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