Seleucus II

Seleucus II (Seleucus Callinicus), d. 226 b.c., king of ancient Syria (247–226 b.c.), son of Antiochus II. On his father's death there was a struggle for the throne between Seleucus and his stepmother, Berenice (on behalf of her infant son). Laodice I, Seleucus's mother, murdered both Berenice and her son before her brother Ptolemy III of Egypt could arrive. A long war with Ptolemy ensued. Seleucus also had to wage war with his own brother, Antiochus Hierax, for Asia Minor. Bactria and Parthia revolted and threw off Seleucid control. He was succeeded by his son Seleucus III, who was killed after a three-year reign; another son, Antiochus III, then became king.

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