Macedon: Wars with Rome

Wars with Rome

Under Antigonus III's successor, Philip V (reigned 221–179 b.c.), Macedon engaged in war against Rome. Although the First Macedonian War (215–205 b.c.) ended favorably for Philip, he was decisively defeated in the Second Macedonian War (200–197 b.c.), was forced to give up most of his fleet and pay a large indemnity, and was confined to Macedonia proper. By collaborating with the Romans, however, he was able to reduce the indemnity. His successor, Perseus (reigned 179–168 b.c.), foolishly aroused Roman fears and lost his kingdom in the Third Macedonian War (171–168 b.c.). Now Rome divided Macedon into four republics. Later (150–148 b.c.) a pretender, Andriscus, tried to revive a Macedonian kingdom. This time Macedonia was annexed to Roman territory and became (146 b.c.) the first Roman province. It never again had political importance in ancient times.

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