Mitsotakis, Constantine

Mitsotakis, Constantine, 1918–2017, Greek political leader. Active in the Cretan resistance against the Nazi occupation, he became a member of parliament (1946–67, 1977–2004). He was arrested (1967) by the military junta but managed to escape and live in exile until his return in 1974. He served as economic coordination minister (1978–80, a post he also held 1965–66) and foreign affairs minister (1980–81) before he became the leader of the New Democracy party (NDP) in 1984. In 1990 he became premier after several indecisive elections; he also served as minister for the Aegean (1991–93) and foreign affairs minister (1992). He stepped down as premier and party leader after losing the NDP lost the 1993 elections.

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