Beyazid II

Beyazid II, 1447–1513, Ottoman sultan (1481–1512), son and successor of Muhammad II to the throne of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). With the help of the corps of Janissaries he put down the revolt of his brother Jem. A peace-loving monarch, Beyazid did little to advance Ottoman power but much to further culture. He warred (1485–91) with the Mamluks of Egypt, to whom he lost Cilicia, and allowed Cyprus to be seized (1489) by Venice. A war (1499–1503) with Venice ended to the sultan's disadvantage, after which he renovated his army and navy. Beyazid speedily rebuilt Constantinople after it was devastated (1509) by an earthquake. In 1510 civil war broke out between Beyazid's sons Selim I and Ahmed. In 1512, Beyazid was forced to abdicate by Selim's supporters, who included the Janissaries. Selim then became sultan.

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