Endara Galimany, Guillermo David

Endara Galimany, Guillermo David, 1936–2009, Panamanian political leader. A lawyer and supporter of Arnulfo Arias , he served in the national assembly and was (1968) minister of planning and economic policy during Arias's brief last term; he later joined the ousted president in exile, returning to Panama in 1978. In May, 1989, backed by a coalition opposed to strongman General Noriega , Endara was elected president, but Noriega refused to recognize the vote. Endara was beaten by thugs in Noriega's wave of repression, which ulitimately led (Dec., 1989) to a U.S. invasion, Noriega's ouster, and Endara's swearing in. Endara worked during his five years in office to revive the economy and revamp the security forces, and was confronted with ongoing unrest as a result of the invasion. He ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2004 and 2009.

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