Innocent II

Innocent II, d. 1143, pope (1130–43), a Roman named Gregorio Papareschi; successor of Honorius II. He was created cardinal by Paschal II. On the death of Honorius II, a faction of the cardinals elected him pope. However, the others elected Cardinal Pietro Pierleoni as Anacletus II, and Innocent had to leave Rome. He was soon recognized in France at the instance of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, and in 1131, Holy Roman Emperor Lothair II, England, and Spain submitted to him. Roger II of Sicily adhered to Anacletus. In 1137, Lothair attacked Rome, but Anacletus retained part of the city. On Anacletus' death (1138), an antipope Victor IV was elected, but he soon resigned. Innocent convened the Second Lateran Council (1139). Innocent, at the behest of St. Bernard, condemned the teachings of Peter Abelard and of Arnold of Brescia. He was succeeded by Celestine II.

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