Facty's Monster Libs

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Facty's Monster Libs
Create your own wacky Fact Monster story
by Facty

Select a story from the pull-down menu and click "See the Monster lib." If you'd like to print it out and play with a friend, check the "print" box. The lib will appear in a pop-up window.
Step 1. Choose a story

Step 2. Play Monster Libs . . .
    Offline (prints blank lib)
Step 3. Create the Monster Lib

Need a Word? Facty's Monster Lib Reference
Chia pet, garbanzo, gargoyle, hooligan, oyster, slugabed, zamboni
More about Nouns . . .

Curmudgeonly, dastardly, fabulous, fusty, inky, swanky, toothy, wee, gigantuan
More about Adjectives . . .

She, they, we
More about Pronouns . . .

Gerunds (verbs ending in "-ing")
Chatting, thinking, reading, swerving

Chortle, festoon, jumble, ransack, scuffle, sprinkle, tickle.
More about Verbs . . .

Brilliantly, cozily, enthusiastically, frumpily, handsomely, lazily, zanily
More about Adverbs . . .

Samples: Aloha! Croopus! Eureka! Heavens to Betsy! Pshaw! Shazam! Yowza!
More about Interjections . . .

Along, around, behind, over, through, toward, under
More about Prepositions . . .

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