Famous Trains in The Americas

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
by Mike Rozett

Peruvian Central Railway

The Peruvian Central Railway is an engineering marvel. It originates in Callao then climbs more than 13,000 feet to cross the continental divide. It is generally considered the highest railway in the world. The railroad features 66 tunnels and 59 bridges, and must zigzag across valleys to minimize the steepness of its climb. There is an onboard doctor who administers oxygen to passengers who get altitude sickness.

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20th Century Limited
The 20th Century Limited rolled out a red carpet to passengers.

The 20th Century Limited

The 20th Century Limited debuted in 1902 as the New York Central's luxury train operating between New York and Chicago. It made its journey along the Hudson River and the shores of Lake Erie along the smooth "water level route." The railroad would roll out a crimson carpet to welcome passengers to the train, giving rise to the phrase the "red carpet treatment."

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Super Chief

Originally operated by the Santa Fe Railroad, the Super Chief ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. It was considered one of the best long distance trains in the US and was renowned for its gourmet food and Hollywood clientele. Amtrak currently operates a long distance train over the same route.

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