Latin Words and Phrases

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

What's the language of scholars, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and priests? It's Latin, and it's not a dead language, as you can see. Here are some fun phrases and words in Latin.

English Latin Pronunciation
seize the daycarpe diemcar-pay dee-um
endlesslyad nauseamad nawh-zee-um
uniquesui generissoo-eye jen-ur-is
and so forthet ceteraet set-ur-uh
silly me me ineptum may in-ep-toom
in realityde factodih fak-toh
a common languagelingua francaling-gwuh frang-kuh
really vero we rr oh
with distinctioncum laudekoom lou-da
no way nullo modo noh-loh moh-doh
what's happening? quid fit? kwid feet
bubble gum manducabulla mahn-doo-kah-boo-lah
in or of itselfper sepur say
really rad dude radicus comes rah di coos koh mees
read my lips labra lege lah-brah lay-gay
I'm out of here abeo ah bay-oh
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