Secret Languages/Mystery Messages

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Moparopyop hopadop a lopitoptoplope lopamopbop. That means “Mary had a little lamb” in the secret language of Opish. Have you ever thought of using a language all your own? How about Double-Dutch, Na, or Skimono Jive? If you speak a secret language, no one will understand a word you say (until you tell them how it's done). Sound like fun? Try it! We've used “Mary had a little lamb” for each example.


b - bub k - kuk s - sus
c - cash l - lul t - tut
d - dud m - mum v - vuv
f - fuf n - nun w - wash
g - gug p - pub x - xux
h - hutch q - quack y - yub
j - jug r - rug z - zub

Vowels are pronounced normally, but consonants become syllables.

Example: Mumarugyub hutchadud a lulituttutlulelulamumbub.


This secret language is used mostly in England. Add “egg” before each vowel.

Example: Meggary heggad egga leggittle leggamb.


Add “gree” to the end of every word.

Example: Marygree hadgree agree littlegree lambgree.


Add “na” to the end of every word.

Example: Maryna hadna ana littlena lambna.

Pig Latin

This is the most popular and well-known secret language. Move the first letter to the end of the word and add “ay” to it.

Example: Arymay adhay aay ittlelay amblay.

Skimono Jive

Add “sk” to the beginning of every word.

Example: Skmary skhad ska sklittle sklamb.

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