Asian-American History Timeline

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Timeline: Asian-American History
Asian immigration to America, 1600s to the present

by David Johnson
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Korean workers enter Hawaii. Filipino students arrive in U.S under the pensionado program, an effort to modernize and democratize the Philippines.
Filipino laborers land in Hawaii. Asian Indians driven from Bellingham, Washington.
California passes law to prevent aliens ineligible for citizenship from owning land.
In response to concerns about rising immigration, Immigration Act establishes strict quotas based on national origin according to the 1880 census, effectively ending Asian immigration.
In wake of anti-Japanese sentiment following the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt signs order interning Japanese.
Congress repeals Chinese exclusion laws, sets immigration quotas, and extends citizenship rights to Chinese living in U.S.
Communist Revolution in China, 5,000 Chinese refugees enter U.S.
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