Korean War

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  • U.S. troops engaged: 5,720,000
  • American battle deaths: 33,741
  • North Korea's Communist forces fought against South Korea's non-Communist forces supported by U.N. forces, principally made up of U.S. troops.
  • The Korean War was the first armed conflict in the global struggle between democracy and communism, called the “cold war.”
  • Gen. Douglas MacArthur was designated commander of the unified U.N. forces, but was later replaced after publicly criticizing U.S. policy and threatening the Chinese with massive retaliation.
  • North Korea moved south quickly at first and captured the South Korean capital Seoul.
  • U.N forces pushed them back towards North Korea and eventually the boarder with China. Communist China lent their support to the North Koreans and their effort regained control of Seoul.
  • Heavy fighting raged at the 38th parallel, which became the post-war border between the two countries.
  • After the 1953 truce at Panmunjom, North Korea, North and South Korea remained separate, as before the war.

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