Plural Nouns Video Activity

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Fill in the blanks with plural nouns

Close up of all red apples

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Using the plural nouns above, complete the following paragraph. As you use the plural noun, can you remember its singular form?

Use each word only once.

At the restaurant, we sat and watched three ____________ prepare our lunch in the kitchen. While we waited, the waitress brought us fresh ____________ from a nearby orchard. We couldn't finish our lunch, so the waitress put our leftovers in ____________ to go. After lunch we went to a farm where we saw several ____________. On the farm there was a pond that had many ____________. We ran through all the piles of ____________ on the ground. That night we went to a concert. It was crowded with lots of ____________. The orchestra was made up of several violins, violas, and ____________.

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