Ethan's Worst Fear



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Ethan is a fourth-grade student at Rockport Elementary School in Massachusetts. He wrote this essay about his worst fear.

I’ve been afraid of wind ever since I was four. I’m not as frightened of it now, I’m just nervous that what happened before might happen again.

It all happened when I was about four years old. It was a very stormy day, and I was sitting on my bed watching the ocean’s waves crash against the rocky shore. Back then I didn’t care about the wind.

All of a sudden a big gust of wind blew a whole window onto the bed right next to where I was sitting! I could hear the wind, and it sounded like a jet engine. The first thing I did was run for the door. Suddenly, the door started to close because of the wind. It started to close faster and faster.

I reached out to stop the door, but instead, watched in terror as my finger got crushed in the door. The crying, pain, and blood came all at once. I cried for a long time and put my finger in ice.

I still have a scar from the door, and I say it was the wind’s fault. That’s why I’m afraid of wind. Good thing there’s no tornadoes around us!