Fact Monster's Writing Prompts Essay

If you had a time-machine, what time and place would you visit?

by Maddie

Time-Traveling Princesses

On July 4, 2009, at 9:00 p.m. my friend Harmony and I were pretending we were King George III's daughters. We played until we fell fast asleep on my bed. I guess we were pretty tired to go to sleep like that. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I have John Hancock's diary because a museum in Boston gave it to me after I caught someone trying to steal it. You're probably wondering if this has to do with the story. Well, it does because it fell on the ground when we fell asleep and it opened a time portal!

When we woke up we found a maid with food waiting for us to wake up. We couldn't understand what had happened. We played along until she left and shut the 20 foot high doors. Then we had decided after 1 hour we were really in England on April 4, 1776. We had met our "father" (the king) at breakfast. We were about to give up when the king finally agreed to stop the war and give America its freedom and change history forever!

We tried to tell him the revolutionary war was an awful thing and to just give America its freedom. The king made plans to stop the war. While he was planning, we found the diary on the floor of the bedroom. We decided to go to the library. There I found a book that told us if a month goes by when you time traveled, 1 minute has gone by in the time dimension you came from.

3 months later we went to America to settle for peace. We went everywhere like Boston, Philadelphia, and much more. In Boston, on August 9, 1776 we signed the America is Free Treaty. We woke up to the sound of people yelling "Happy 1st of August" and to the sound of people driving flying saucers. Three hours later we found out that we had messed up the time when the future was supposed to come. We decided to go back before we convinced the king to stop the war. It took us a very long time to bring things back to normal.


We got thrown to the floor, as we entered our real time period. "Maddie, what's that sound?" said mom. Harmony and I cracked up laughing as we ran down the stairs to tell our amazing story of our travel through time.