2002 Intel Science Talent Search Winners

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

First Place: $100,000 scholarship, Ryan R. Patterson, Grand Junction, Colo., for his project entitled “The American Sign Language Translator.” Patterson devised a glove that converts American Sign Language to written text and then displays it on a portable LED receiver.

Second Place: $75,000 scholarship, Jacob Licht, 17, West Hartford High School, West Hartford, Conn., for his mathematics project, “Rainbow Ramsey Theory: Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions and Anti-Ramsey Results.”

Third Place: $50,000 scholarship, Emily Riehl, 17, University High School, Bloomington, Ill., for her mathematics project, “On the Properties of Tits Graphs.”

Fourth Place: $25,000 scholarship, Kirsten Frieda, 17, Westlake High School, Austin, Tex., for her chemistry project, “Molecular Interactions During Collision Approach.”

Fifth Place: $25,000 scholarship, Marc Burrell, 17, Nicolet High School, Glendale, Wis., for his environmental science project, “Phytoextraction of Lead from Contaminated Soils Using Triticum Asetivum: Effects of Chelate Application Time and Soil Acidification.”

Sixth Place: $25,000 scholarship, Nikita Rozenblyum, 17, Stuyvesant High School, New York, N.Y., for the math project, “Nullhomotopic Knots in Real Projective Space.”

Seventh Place: $20,000 scholarship, Beckett Sterner, 17, University of Chicago Laboratory School, Chicago, Ill., for the physics project, “Probability Distribution of the Density of Self-Avoiding Walks.”

Eighth Place: $20,000 scholarship, Brandon Palmen, 18, Mayo High School, Rochester, Minn., for the biochemistry project, “Engineering Tropism of Edmonstron B Measles Vaccine Virus to Target and Destroy Melanoma Cells.”

Ninth Place: $20,000 scholarship, Vivek Venkatachalam, 18, Gov. Livingston High School, Berkeley Heights, N.J., for the physics project, “Analysis of the Omega Diagram for Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy and Type Ia Supernovae.”

Tenth Place: $20,000 scholarship, Jessica Stahl, 17, South Side High School, Rockville Centre, N.Y., for the behavior and social sciences project “Development of a Movement Analysis Instrument and its Application to Test the Effect of Different Music Styles on Freedom of Body Movement.”

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