An International Guide to Animal Talk

Didn't you always suspect that animals spoke different languages? They do as far as their country's written word is concerned. So if your dog says “guf-guf” instead of “bow-wow” or “rrruf-ruf,” maybe he or she is Russian! Here is a brief guide to international animal talk.

Animal English Russian Japanese French German
Bird Tweet-tweet Squick Qui-qui Choon-choon Piep-piep
Cat Meow Meau Nyeow Meow Meow-meow
Cow Moo Mu Mo-Mo Meu-meu Muh-muh
Dog Rrruf-ruf Guf-guf Won-won Whou-whou Vow-vow
Duck Quack-quack Quack Qua-qua Coin-coin Quack
Goat Meh-meh Beee Mee-mee Ma-ma Eeh-eeh
Horse Neigh-neigh Eohoho He-heeh Hee-hee-hee Iiiih
Owl Whoo Ooooo Hoo-hoo Oo-oo Wooo-wooo
Pig Oink-oink Qrr-qrrr Boo Groan-groan Grunz-grunz
Rooster Cocka-doodle-do Kukuriki KoKeKock-ko Cocorico Goockle