An International Guide to Animal Talk

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Didn't you always suspect that animals spoke different languages? They do as far as their country's written word is concerned. So if your dog says “guf-guf” instead of “bow-wow” or “rrruf-ruf,” maybe he or she is Russian! Here is a brief guide to international animal talk.

Animal English Russian Japanese French German
Bird Tweet-tweet Squick Qui-qui Choon-choon Piep-piep
Cat Meow Meau Nyeow Meow Meow-meow
Cow Moo Mu Mo-Mo Meu-meu Muh-muh
Dog Rrruf-ruf Guf-guf Won-won Whou-whou Vow-vow
Duck Quack-quack Quack Qua-qua Coin-coin Quack
Goat Meh-meh Beee Mee-mee Ma-ma Eeh-eeh
Horse Neigh-neigh Eohoho He-heeh Hee-hee-hee Iiiih
Owl Whoo Ooooo Hoo-hoo Oo-oo Wooo-wooo
Pig Oink-oink Qrr-qrrr Boo Groan-groan Grunz-grunz
Rooster Cocka-doodle-do Kukuriki KoKeKock-ko Cocorico Goockle
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