Animal Group Terminology

Updated January 27, 2023 | Factmonster Staff

You might be familiar with some groups of animals and their collective nouns, such as a herd of horses or a gaggle of geese. These are fairly common terms that many people associate with a particular gathering of animal species.

Some animal group terminology is obscure, unexpected, or incredibly specific. For example, a group of Indonesian mountain weasels is called a boogle!

Additionally, some animal names can be easily confused – did you know that a flock of ravens is not called a murder, but an unkindness of ravens? It’s actually a murder of crows.

So, do you know what to call a group of rhinos or jellyfish? Read on for a list of animal group names from a shrewdness of apes to a flamboyance of flamingos!

ClassificationSpecies NameGroup Name
 bearssleuth, sloth
 buffalogang, obstinancy, herd
 catsclowder, pounce
 cattledrove, herd
 deerherd, bevy
 dogspack, mute, kennel
 foxleash, skulk, earth
 goatstribe, trip
 horsesteam, harras, stud, rag, string
 monkeystroop, barrel
 mulespack, span, barren
 oxenteam, yoke
 pigsdrift, drove, team
 rabbitscolony, warren, nest
 sealspod, herd
 sheepdrove, flock, herd
 squirrelsdray, scurry
 whalespod, gam, herd
 wolvespack, rout
Birdsbirds in generalflight, flock, volary, brace
 chicks (of many species)brood, clutch
 crowsmurder, horde
 geeseflock, gaggle, skein
 hawkscast, kettle, boil
 heronssedge, siege
 jaysparty, scold
 mallardssord, brace
 magpiestiding, gulp, murder, charm
 peacocksmuster, ostentation
 pheasantnest, nide, brood, nye, bouquet
 ploverscongregation, wing
 quailbevy, covey
 snipewalk, wisp
 swansbevy, wedge
 turkeysrafter, gang
Reptiles and Amphibianscrocodilesbask
 turtlesbale, nest
 snakes, vipersnest
Fishfish in generaldraft, nest, school, shoal
 beesgrist, hive, swarm
 gnatscloud, horde

Gaggles and Murders and Swarms, Oh My!

From mammals to fish, birds to invertebrates, these are some of the most interesting animal names. Which one surprised you the most?

If you have an idea for an unlisted animal group name, like a constellation of star-nosed moles or a flatulence of flounders, why not drop us a line and let us know? There are plenty of animal group names out there, but the most obscure creatures might still need collective nouns!

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