Chemistry: Chemical Equations

Chemical Equations

Let's recap everything we've learned about chemistry. We understand how to use the scientific method to solve problems. We understand the bonding and properties of ionic and covalent compounds. We've become experts where the periodic table is concerned. We can predict how solids, liquids, and gases will behave when we experiment with them.

Though we know a lot of chemistry, we haven't talked about chemical reactions! Something tells me that you'd like to learn about chemical reactions, so I suppose it's only right that we talk about them. However, before we can specifically talk about various types of chemical reactions, we must first learn the notation and terminology that chemists use to discuss them. I'm speaking, of course, about chemical equations.

Many students think that chemical equations are hard to understand and write because they contain a lot of strange and unfamiliar symbols. If you're one of these people, don't worry about it—as you'll soon see, chemical equations are a piece of cake!

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