America's Ten Most Endangered Rivers, 2013

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Each year the organization American Rivers analyzes the condition of the nation's rivers to determine which are the most “endangered.” Threats to these rivers include dams and channelizations that are harmful to fish or wildlife populations; depletion due to the rivers' use as a water supply for human populations; and coal mining operations that fill streams with coal and dirt. For more information, refer to the American Rivers website:


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1.Colorado RiverCalifornia, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico
2.Flint RiverGeorgia
3.San Saba RiverTexas
4.Little Plover RiverWisconsin
5.Catawba RiverNorth Carolina, South Carolina
6.Boundary WatersMinnesota
7.Black Warrior RiverAlabama
8.Rough and Ready and Baldface CreeksOregon
9.Kootenai RiverIdaho, Montana
10.Niobrara RiverWyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota
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