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In email, text messages, online chat rooms, and tweets, people often try to type as fast as they can. Using acronyms or abbreviations helps them keep up their speed. Here's a quick taste of the language sometimes known as "emailese," "textspeak," or "textese."

2moro: tomorrow

2nite: tonight

BRB: be right back

BTW: by the way

B4N: bye for now

BCNU: be seeing you

BFF: best friends forever

CYA: see ya

DBEYR: don't believe everything you read

FUD: fear, uncertainty, and disinformation

FWIW: for what it's worth, or forget where I was

GR8: great

ILY: I love you

IMHO: in my humble opinion

IRL: in real life

ISO: in search of

J/K: just kidding

L8R: later

LOL: laughing out loud

LYLAS: love you like a sister

MHOTY: my hat's off to you

NIMBY: not in my backyard

NP: no problem, or nosy parents

NUB: new person to a game or site

OIC: oh, I see

OMG: oh my goodness

OT: off topic

POV: point of view

RBTL: read between the lines

RT: real time, or retweet

THX or TX or THKS: thanks

SH: tuff happens

SITD: still in the dark

SOL: out of luck, or sooner or later

STBY: stinks to be you

SWAK: sealed with a kiss

RTM: read the manual

TLC: tender loving care

TMI: too much information

TTYL: talk to you later

TYVM: thank you very much

VBG: very big grin

WEG: wicked evil grin

WYWH: wish you were here

XOXO: hugs and kisses

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