Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Protein helps the body grow, builds muscle and give us energy. Protein-rich foods include meats, eggs, avocado, nuts and beans.

Carbohydrates are sugars that the body uses for energy. Simple carbohydrates, also called simple sugars, provide the body with quick energy. They are found in fruit, milk and white sugar. Complex carbohydrates, known as fiber and starch, are broken down in the body slower than simple carbohydrates. They are found in vegetables, bread, rice, oatmeal, whole grains and peas.

Fat: Your body needs fat to grow and to process vitamins. There are many different kinds of fats. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good for your body. These fats include nuts and fish, as well as olive, peanut, safflower and canola oil. Other kinds of fat, including saturated and trans fat, also called hydrogenated oils, can increase the risk of certain diseases. Saturated and trans fats are found in butter, fried foods, baked goods, fast food, whole milk and in meat from animals.

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