Food and Superstitions

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The ancient Egyptians thought onions kept evil spirits away. When they took an oath (made a promise), they placed one hand on an onion.

The custom of throwing rice at weddings goes back to the time when people thought rice, a symbol of health and prosperity, would appease evil spirits so they would not bother the wedding couple.

In Hungary, salt is thrown on the threshold of a new house because it is thought that salt will protect the inhabitants from evil.

Europeans who believed in vampires sprinkled mustard seed on the roof of their homes to keep them away.

In Japan, during the festival of Setsuben, beans are scattered in dark corners and entrances of the home to drive out evil spirits.

For many years, Europeans have used garlic as a charm against the evil eye. Some wore bulbs of garlic around their necks. Others placed wreaths of garlic over their doors for protection.

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