Some Types of Scientists

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
  • An agronomist specializes in soil and crops.
  • An astronomer studies stars, planets and galaxies.
  • A botanist specializes in plants.
  • A cytologist specializes in the study of cells.
  • An epidemiologist studies the spread of diseases.
  • An ethologist studies animal behavior.
  • A geneticist studies how traits are inherited.
  • A geologist specializes in the history of Earth.
  • A geographer studies Earth's surface.
  • A marine biologist studies ocean plants and animals.
  • A meteorologist studies weather and climate.
  • A microbiologist studies microscopic plants and animals.
  • A paleontologist specializes in fossils.
  • A physicist studies matter, energy, and how they are related.
  • A seismologist studies earthquakes.

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