A Little Goes a Long Way

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Many American kids don’t think twice about paying $20 for a video game or a sweatshirt. But that $20 would go a very long way in third-world countries. Here’s a look at how far a few dollars can go in many developing nations.

  • $1 covers the cost of a lifetime immunization against polio.
  • $5 is the cost of a mosquito net, which helps to prevent malaria.
  • $10 can buy a grove of trees to prevent soil erosion in Zambia. OR a month’s supply of vitamins for 48 children
  • $20 buys a backpack full of school supplies for a student in Sri Lanka.
  • $40 pays for an entire year of education for a child in Kenya.
  • $50 is enough to buy a goat, which is a source of milk and cheese, for a family in Mauritania.
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