The Most Popular Pet Names

Molly, Maggie, or Max?

by Holly Hartman

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For Kids:

Did you know your furry friend was destined to be a "Bella" the moment you looked into her soulful eyes? You're not alone. The Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has released its annual list of most popular pet names for 2015; see which monikers are most popular in the United States today. Here's a look at the top ten:

1. Bella 1. Bella 1. Charlie
2. Max 2. Max 2. Kiwi
3. Bailey 3. Oliver 3. Baby
4. Lucy 4. Chloe 4. Coco
5. Charlie 5. Lucy 5. Mango
6. Molly 6. Lily 6. Buddy
7. Daisy 7. Charlie 7. Sammy
8. Buddy 8. Sophie 8. Sunny
9. Maggy 9. Tiger 9. Ruby
10. Sophie 10. Shadow 10. Cosmo

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