NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament 1999

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Women of the Court
NCAA women's basketball fans know that the men's game isn't the only one in town.

by Michael Morrison

Though the men get more media attention, and far more discussion around water coolers, the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Tournament cannot be overlooked when it comes to the players' excitement, tenacity and intense desire to win.

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The action tips off Friday, March 12; two weeks later, the four remaining teams, along with 18,000 fans, will descend upon the San Jose Arena for the March 26 semifinals, followed by the championship game on March 28. Unlike the men's teams, who play at neutral sites throughout the tournament, the top four seeds in each region host the first two rounds of the women's tournament.

Three-time defending champion Tennessee leads a record eight Southeastern Conference teams into the 64-team tournament. Just how tough was the SEC this year? Consider that Florida was given an 11-seed in the Midwest with a 19-13 overall mark. They were 6-8 in conference play.

The No. 1 seeds from each bracket —and the favorites to reach San Jose— are Tennessee (East), Connecticut (Mideast), Purdue (Midwest) and Louisiana Tech (West).

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