On This Day: February 09th

This is 40th day of the year and 326 days remain in the year.

in history
Jefferson Davis was chosen as the president of the Confederate States of America.
The battle of Guadalcanal ended with an American victory.
Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed he had evidence there were card-carrying members of the Communist Party in the State Department.
The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Lithuanians voted overwhelmingly for independence from the Soviet Union.
A U.S. nuclear sub struck the Ehime Maru, a Japanese fishing boat.
February 09 Birthdays
William Henry Harrison1773–1841, American President.
Mia Farrowactor
Joe Pesciactor
Vince Papalefootball player
Zhang Ziyiactor
Amy Lowellpoet
Alice Walkerauthor
Carmen Mirandaactress
J. M. Coetzeenovelist
Dean Rusksecretary of state
Carole Kingpop songwriter, singer

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