On This Day: March 13th

This is 73rd day of the year and 293 days remain in the year.

in history
Cambridge College was renamed Harvard University.
The German-born English astronomer Sir William Herschel discovered the planet Georgium Sidus, later known as Uranus.
"Uncle Sam" cartoon appeared for the first time in N.Y. Lantern weekly.
The Senate began President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial.
Suffragist Susan B. Anthony died.
Tennessee passed a bill prohibiting the teaching of evolution in public schools.
Clyde W. Tombaugh announced the discovery of the planet Pluto.
Britain and China resumed full diplomatic relations after 22 years; Britain withdrew its consulate from Taiwan.
A man shot dead 16 children and a woman teacher in a school in Dunblane, Scotland. He then shot himself.
The Encyclopaedia Britannica discontinued its print edition after 244 years.
March 13 Birthdays
Joseph Priestley1733–1804, English theologian and scientist.
Percival Lowellastronomer
William Caseypublic official
William H. Macyactor

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