On This Day: May 15th

This is 136th day of the year and 230 days remain in the year.

in history
The U.S. Department of Agriculture was created by an act of Congress on this day.
The Standard Oil Company, headed by John D. Rockefeller, was ordered dissolved by the Supreme Court, under the Sherman Antitrust Act.
The first air mail route in the U.S. was established between New York and Washington, DC, with a stop at Philadelphia.
On a Boeing Air Transport flight between Oakland and Chicago, Ellen Church became the first airline stewardess.
Nylon stockings went on sale for the first time in the United States.
Alabama Governor George Wallace was shot and crippled as he campaigned for the presidency.
The Soviet Union began to withdraw its estimated 115,000 troops from Afghanistan.
May 15 Birthdays
Pierre CuriePronunciation: [kürE´]1859–1906, French Scientist.
Lyman Frank Baumauthor
James Masonactor
Jasper Johnsartist
Richard Joseph Daleypolitical leader
Katherine Anne Porterauthor,
Paul A. Samuelsoneconomist,
Richard Avedonphotographer,
Madeleine Albrightgovernment official,
Claudio Monteverdicomposer

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