On This Day: October 18th

This is 292nd day of the year and 74 days remain in the year.

in history
Ferdinand II of Aragón married Isabella of Castile, uniting Spain and making it a dominant world power.
The boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the Mason-Dixon line, was agreed upon.
The United States took possession of Alaska from Russia.
The first Balkan War broke out.
Inventor Thomas Alva Edison died in West Orange, N.J., at age 84.
The U.S. Olympic Committee suspended two black athletes for giving a "black power" salute during a victory ceremony at the Mexico City games.
Gilad Shalit, a 25-year-old Israeli soldier, is released after being held for more than five years by Hamas. He is exchanged for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Shalit had been held in Gaza since Palestinian militants kidnapped him in 2006.
October 18 Birthdays
Chuck Berry1926—, American rock music guitarist, singer, and songwriter
Martina Navratilovatennis player
Mike Ditkafootball
Zac Efronactor
King Mongkutroyalty
George C. Scottactor
Lee Harvey Oswaldpresumed assassin
Jean-Claude Van Dammeactor
Pierre Elliott Trudeauformer Prime Minister
Edward Winslowfounders of Plymouth Colony
CanalettoVenetian painter
Lotte Lenyasinger and actress
Ntozake Shangewriter
Wynton Marsalistrumpeter, bandleader, and composer

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