Different Groups of People

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Army: A collection of men and women trained to fight in battle

Band: A group of people or a group of musicians: a marching band or Robin Hood's band of merry men

Cabal: A small group involved in secret schemes

Caravan: A number of people traveling together, usually in a long line

Cast: A group acting in a play or movie

Choir: A group of singers who perform together

Class: A group of students at the same grade level: a third-grade class

Crowd: A large group of people in one place

Folk: A people, a tribe, an ethnic group, or a nation

Gang: A group of people who congregate together

Guild: An association of persons of the same trade who all have the same job interests

Huddle: In football, players gathered briefly in a circle to plan the next play

Mob: An excited or angry mass of people

Orchestra: A group of musicians who play together, using a variety of instruments that include strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion

Procession: A group of people moving in an orderly manner

Retinue: A body of followers or servants of an important person; e.g., bodyguards, secretaries, or trainers

Staff: A group of people who work together

Team: A group of people who work or play together

Throng: A large number of people

Troop: A group of military people or scouts

Troupe: A group of actors, dancers, or acrobats who travel and perform together

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