Knights in Shining Armor

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The knights of medieval times were warriors. Any man who trained to fight could become a knight.


At age 7 a boy would leave his home to live with a knight and learn to use hand weapons.


At age 15, a page became a squire. He served a knight in his home, trained to fight on a horse, and rode to battle with the knight.


Knighthood was bestowed on a squire after about five years of service. Any knight could bestow knighthood. During the ceremony, the man who was doing the knighting was called the parrain. The tap and the words “I dub thee knight” were called the accolade.

Knighthood Today

In Great Britain, the queen bestows knighthood on men and women who are accomplished or have served England in an outstanding way. Men are called “sir;” women are called “dame.”

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