Barbara Bush

Political Relative
Date Of Birth:
25 November 1981
Place Of Birth:
Dallas, Texas
Best Known As:
The brunette twin daughter of George W. Bush
Barbara Bush is the older of the two twin daughters of former U.S. president George W. Bush and his wife Laura. [2018 note: for her grandmother, the former First Lady, see Barbara Pierce Bush.] Barbara Bush and her sister Jenna Bush are fraternal twins, born by Caesarian section in 1981; Barbara is older by one minute, and she is brunette while Jenna is blonde. Barbara enrolled at Yale University in 2000, the same year her father was elected president. Since her graduation from Yale with a Humanities degree in 2004, she has lived primarily in New York City. Barbara is generally considered the quieter of the twins, and the one more interested in arts and fashion; in 2006 she began a job at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in Manhattan. In 2008, she became co-founder (with Jenna and others) and president of the public health non-profit organization Global Health Corps.
Extra Credit

Barbara Bush is named for her paternal grandmother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died in 2018? According to a 2003 Associated Press story, Barbara?s Secret Service code name was Turquoise; Jenna?s was Twinkle.

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