Dick Fosbury

High Jumper / Olympian
Date Of Birth:
6 March 1947
Place Of Birth:
Portland, Oregon
Best Known As:
The high jumper who came up with the Fosbury Flop
Dick Fosbury had trouble mastering the standard high-jump technique, known as the straddle, as a young high jumper in the early 1960s. So instead he began doing the high jump by running up to the bar with his back to it, doing a modified scissor-kick while leaping and leaning over the bar backwards and horizontal to the ground. As goofy as it looked, it worked. Dubbed the "Fosbury Flop" by a Medford, Oregon reporter, Fosbury caused a sensation when he won the gold medal in the 1968 Olympics, jumping a height of 2.24 meters. The Fosbury Flop has since become the standard technique for elite high jumpers.

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