Jason Alexander

Date Of Birth:
23 September 1959
Place Of Birth:
Newark, New Jersey
Best Known As:
George Costanza on TV's Seinfeld

Name at birth: Jason Scott Greenspan

Jason Alexander played George Costanza in the megahit TV sitcom Seinfeld from 1990-1998. Jason Alexander was, early in his career, a Broadway song-and-dance man who did occasional work in films and television. His first film appearance was in the 1981 horror film The Burning, and in 1990 he had a small role in the hit Pretty Woman, playing a lecherous businessman who makes a pass at Julia Roberts. That same year he was cast in Seinfeld as George Costanza, the balding and devious worrywart who was simultaneously grating and lovable. Seinfeld was the biggest sitcom hit of the 1990s and made stars of Jerry Seinfeld and co-stars Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards. After Seinfeld he had a few short-lived television series -- notably Bob Patterson (2001) and Listen Up (2004) -- and since has done guest spots on Curb Your Enthusiasm and other shows. Jason Alexander has also done many voices for animated shows, including the title role in Duckman (1994-97) and the voice of Catbert in Dilbert (1999-2000).

Extra Credit

Jason Alexander made a cameo appearance in the video for country star Brad Paisley‘s “Celebrity”… Alexander’s first film, The Burning, was also the first film credit for actress Holly Hunter… Regarding his stage name, Alexander told Mental Floss magazine in 2010: “I thought I would be Jason Scott, but when I went to register in the union with that name, it was taken with every possible spelling — including Jaisin Skot. Feeling badly about not using my family name, I made a snap decision to take my dad’s first name as my last one for the stage. Hence — Jason Alexander.”

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