Profile of Susan B. Anthony

Date Of Birth:
15 February 1820
Date Of Death:
13 March 1906
complications from a stroke
Place Of Birth:
Adams, Massachusetts
Best Known As:
The women's rights activist on the one-dollar coin
Susan B. Anthony is one of America's most famous activists for women's rights. Anthony founded (along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton) the American Equal Rights Association in 1866, and she spent the better part of her life trying to win voting rights for women in the United States. In 1920, 14 years after Anthony's death, American women finally won the vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment. Susan B. Anthony also campaigned against slavery and in favor of temperance (the abolition of liquor). Congress honored Anthony in 1979 by putting her portrait on a new one-dollar coin.
Extra Credit

Susan B. Anthony’s home in Rochester, New York is now a National Historic Monument… Susan B. Anthony was one of seven children… She had no children herself and never married… The last Susan B. Anthony dollar coins were minted in 1999. The Sacagawea dollar coin was introduced in 2000.

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