Tom Mix

Movie Cowboy
Date Of Birth:
6 January 1880
Date Of Death:
12 October 1940
automobile crash
Place Of Birth:
Mix Run, Pennsylvania
Best Known As:
Fancy-dressin' silent film cowboy

Name at birth: Thomas Hezekiah Mix

Tom Mix was the top cowboy of American silent films. Mix was originally known for his daring stunts, but as years passed he became equally famous for his elaborate cowboy outfits; he's the model for the dandyish, squeaky-clean movie cowboy that was often parodied in later years. Mix also had a famous steed, Tony the Wonder Horse. Mix's movie career wound down in the 1930s, after silent films were replaced by talkies, but later the Tom Mix radio program ran for nearly 20 years with various actors providing the voice of "Tom Mix." Mix himself was killed in a one-car auto accident in Arizona in 1940.

Extra Credit

Mix was married five times… He was played by Bruce Willis in the ironical 1988 western Sunset… Mix was born with the middle name of Hezekiah, but as an adult called himself Tom E. Mix, with the E standing for Ewing… Another famous movie cowboy/horse combo was Roy Rogers and Trigger.

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