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Our Favorite Phobias, from A-Z

  • Acrophobia: fear of heights
  • Agoraphobia fear of crowds, public places, or open areas
  • Ailurophobia fear of cats
  • Algophobia fear of pain
  • Anglophobia fear of (or hatred for) England or anything English
  • Aquaphobia fear of water
  • Arachnophobia fear of spiders
  • Aviophobia fear of flying in an airplane
  • Ballistophobia fear of missiles, bullets, or being shot
  • Bibliophobia fear (or mistrust) of books
  • Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces
  • Cynophobia fear of dogs
  • Francophobia fear of (or hatred for) France or anything French
  • Germanophobia fear of (or hatred for) Germany or anything German
  • Gerontophobia fear of old people or old age
  • Hemophobia fear of blood
  • Logophobia fear of words
  • Monophobia fear of being alone
  • Necrophobia fear of death or dead bodies
  • Nosophobia fear of disease
  • Nyctophobia fear of night or darkness
  • Ophidiophobia fear of snakes
  • Paraskavedekatriaphobia fear of Friday the 13th
  • Philophobia fear of love or falling in love
  • Phobophobia fear of developing a phobia
  • Photophobia fear of (or sensitivity to) light
  • Pyrophobia fear of fire
  • Russophobia fear of (or hatred for) Russia or anything Russian
  • Sitophobia aversion to food
  • Taphephobia fear of being buried alive
  • Technophobia fear of advanced technology
  • Thalassophobia fear of the sea
  • Thanatophobia fear of death
  • Toxiphobia fear of being poisoned
  • Triskaidekaphobia fear of the number 13
  • Xenophobia fear (or hatred) of foreigners, strangers, or things that are foreign or strange
  • Xylophobia fear of forests or wooden objects
  • Zoophobia fear of animals
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