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Recommended Online Poetry Collections
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compiled by David Johnson


Follow, poet, follow right
To the bottom of the night,
With your unconstraining voice
Still persuade us to rejoice;

With the farming of a verse
Make a vineyard of the curse,
Sing of human unsuccess
In a rapture of distress;

In the deserts of the heart
Let the healing fountain start,
In the prison of his days
Teach the free man how to praise.

—from "In Memory of W. B. Yeats" by W. H. Auden

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William Blake: Poems
Anne Bradstreet: Poems and Meditations
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Sonnets from the Portuguese
Robert Burns: Poems and Songs
Samuel Coleridge: Ancient Mariner and Select Poems
Stephen Crane: War Is Kind
Emily Dickinson: Poems
John Donne: Songs and Sonnets
T. S. Eliot: Poems
T. S. Eliot: The Waste Land
Robert Frost: A Boy's Will
Omar Khayyam: The Rubaiyat
John Keats: Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes and Other Poems
John Keats: Poems 1817
Henry W. Longfellow: The Song of Hiawatha
Andrew Marvell: Selected Poems
John Milton: Paradise Lost
William Shakespeare: Sonnets
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Complete Poetical Works
Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass

Fact Monster Poetry Collections | Poetry Sites | Poetry in the Public Domain

Academy of American Poets Best Site!!
Originators of National Poetry Month
Poetry 180 Best Site!!
From former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins, a poem for each school day
Favorite Poem Project
Former poet laureate Robert Pinsky's project encouraging people to write about and read aloud their favorite poems
Poetry Daily
A new poem, poet, and book featured each day
The Internet Poetry Archive
Poems from and biographical information about living poets
Modern American Poetry
Criticism, biographical information, and selected poems from modern American poets
Passions in Poetry
Classical and modern poems organized by theme
The American Verse Project
A University of Michigan project to put online American poetry published before 1920

Fact Monster Poetry Collections | Poetry Sites | Poetry in the Public Domain

Bartleby.com Best Site!!
Anthologies and volumes from major poets
Representative Poetry Online
From the University of Toronto; search for poets, poems, poetry terms, and more
Internet Classics Archive
Sponsored by MIT, offers classic works, mostly Greco-Roman, with some Chinese and Persians, in English
Offers Medieval, Renaissance, early 17th Century English poets, bios, and other reference material
Digital Dante
Sponsored by Columbia University, presents The Divine Comedy and other works by medieval poet Dante Alighieri
Shakespeare Online
William Shakespeare’s plays and poems, accompanied by related material
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Operated by The Tech, an MIT student newspaper
Features material on Lord Byron



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