Presidents' Day

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Air Force One (1997)
Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Cast: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Wendy Crewson, Glenn Close

Source: Columbia Pictures
Air Force One
Harrison Ford's President James Marshall is the chief executive that only Hollywood could create: a no-nonsense leader, steadfast in his resolve to suppress terrorists and dictators and a dedicated family man. When Air Force One is taken hostage by a group of Communist fanatics, the prez single-handedly saves the day.

Wag the Dog (1997)
Director: Barry Levinson. Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Anne Heche

Source: New Line Cinema
Wag The Dog
The story is much the same as the one that has been dominating the headlines for the past year, but the fictional account is a hilarious satire, while the non-fiction story is satirically hilarious. The president's in deep when a Firefly Girl (someone along the lines of a Girl Scout) accuses the prez of getting a little too touchy feely in the Oval Office. A presidential aide calls in a fix-it guy to enlist the aide of a slick movie producer, who "produces" a war in Albania. Dramatic footage and heart-warming songs suitably distract the public long enough for the president to be re-elected.

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