Rulers of France

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Carolingian Dynasty
Pepin the Shortc. 714 751–768
Charlemagne2742 768–814
Louis I the Pious3778 814–840
Charles I the Bald4823 840–877
Louis II the Stammerer 846 877–879
Louis III5c. 863 879–882
Carloman5? 879–884
Charles II the Fat6839 884–8877
Eudes (Odo), count of Paris? 888–898
Charles III the Simple8879 893–9239
Robert I10c. 865 922–923
Rudolf (Raoul), duke of Burgundy? 923–936
Louis IV d'Outremerc. 921 936–954
Lothair941 954–986
Louis V the Sluggard c. 967 986–987
Capetian Dynasty
Hugh Capet c. 940 987–996
Robert II the Pious11c. 970 996–1031
Henry I 10081031–1060
Philip I 10521060–1108
Louis VI the Fat 10811108–1137
Louis VII the Young c.11211137–1180
Philip II (Philip Augustus)11651180–1223
Louis VIII the Lion11871223–1226
Louis IX (St. Louis)12141226–1270
Philip III the Bold 12451270–1285
Philip IV the Fair 12681285–1314
Louis X the Quarreler 12891314–1316
John I1213161316
Philip V the Tall 12941316–1322
Charles IV the Fair 12941322–1328
House of Valois
Philip VI12931328–1350
John II the Good 13191350–1364
Charles V the Wise 13371364–1380
Charles VI the Well-Beloved 13681380–1422
Charles VII14031422–1461
Louis XI 14231461–1483
Charles VIII 14701483–1498
Louis XII the Father of the People 14621498–1515
Francis I 14941515–1547
Henry II 15191547–1559
Francis II 15441559–1560
Charles IX 15501560–1574
Henry III 15511574–1589
House of Bourbon
Henry IV of Navarre15531589–1610
Louis XIII 16011610–1643
Louis XIV the Great 16381643–1715
Louis XV the Well-Beloved17101715–1774
Louis XVI17541774–179213
Louis XVII (Louis Charles de
First Republic
National Convention1792–1795
Directory (Directoire)1795–1799
Napoléon Bonaparte1517691799–1804
First Empire
Napoléon I 17691804–181516
Restoration of House of Bourbon
Louis XVIII le Désiré 17551814–1824
Charles X17571824–183017
Bourbon-Orleans Line
Louis Philippe (“Citizen King”)17731830–184818
Second Republic
Louis Napoléon1918081848–1852
Second Empire
Napoléon III (Louis Napoléon)18081852–187020
Third Republic (Presidents)
Louis Adolphe Thiers17971871–1873
Marie E. P. M. de MacMahon 18081873–1879
François P. J. Grévy 18071879–1887
Sadi Carnot 18371887–1894
Jean Casimir-Périer 18471894–1895
François Félix Faure 18411895–1899
Émile Loubet18381899–1906
Clement Armand Fallières 18411906–1913
Raymond Poincaré 18601913–1920
Paul E. L. Deschanel 18561920–1920
Alexandre Millerand 18591920–1924
Gaston Doumergue 18631924–1931
Paul Doumer 18571931–1932
Albert Lebrun18711932–1940
Vichy Government (Chief of State)
Henri Philippe Pétain 18561940–1944
Provisional Government (Presidents)
Charles de Gaulle 18901944–1946
Félix Gouin18841946–1946
Georges Bidault 18991946–1947
Fourth Republic (Presidents)
Vincent Auriol 18841947–1954
René Coty 18821954–1959
Fifth Republic (Presidents)
Charles de Gaulle 18901959–1969
Georges Pompidou19111969–1974
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 19261974–1981
François Mitterrand19161981–1995
Jacques Chirac19321995– 2007
Nicolas Sarkozy19552007– 2012
François Hollande19542012–2017
Emmanuel Macron19772017-
1. For kings and emperors through the Second Empire, year of end of rule is also that of death, unless otherwise indicated.
2. Crowned Emperor of the West in 800. His brother, Carloman, ruled as king of the Eastern Franks from 768 until his death in 771.
3. Holy Roman Emperor, 814–840.
4. Holy Roman Emperor, 875–877 as Charles II.
5. Ruled jointly, 879–882.
6. Holy Roman Emperor, 881–887, as Charles III.
7. Died 888.
8. King, 893–898, in opposition to Eudes.
9. Died 929.
10. Not counted in regular line of kings of France by some authorities. Elected by nobles but killed in Battle of Soissons.
11. Sometimes called Robert I.
12. Posthumous son of Louis X; lived for only five days.
13. Executed 1793.
14. Titular king only. He died in prison according to official reports, but many pretenders appeared during the Bourbon restoration.
15. As first consul, Napoléon held the power of government. In 1804, he became emperor.
16. Abdicated first time, June 1814. Reentered Paris, March 1815, after escape from Elba; Louis XVIII fled to Ghent. Abdicated second time, June 1815. He named as his successor his son, Napoléon II, who was not acceptable to the Allies. He died 1821.
17. Died 1836.
18. Died 1850.
19. President; became emperor in 1852.
20. Died 1873.

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