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Underwater Wonderland
Have a look at some of the prize-winning shots from the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017
Otter-ly cute pups!
Watch this video of pups from Newquay Zoo learning how to swim.
How do cows get their nails cut?
Meet the man whose job it is to go around farms trimming the nails of cattle
What is a beached whale and why do whales beach themselves?
Around 100 whales have beached themselves in New Zealand, rescue workers are trying to help them but why do whales do this?
What does a tiger do when it has toothache?
What happens when a tiger needs to take a trip to the dentist?
Rare, and super cute, baby antelope born in zoo
A rare breed of antelope has been born at Chester Zoo.
Gallery: Baby hippo starts teething
Not too long ago, Cincinnati Zoo had a new arrival - Fiona the baby hippo, who was born six weeks early. She has now started to grow her first teeth! Let's have a look at how she's been getting on.
Meet George, the cat who loves to shop
George the tabby cat has become a local celebrity but where does he like to visit?
New cat meal plan copies life in the wild
Lots of cats in the UK are overweight, but cat behaviour specialists say that changing the way we feed them could make them healthier and happier.
Pictures: Unusual animal rescues
Firefighters have been kept busy this week after a puppy needed to be rescued from a tumble dryer vent and another pup got his head stuck in a wheel. We've been taking a look back at other animals who've got into sticky situations.
Australian campaigners call for end to shark nets
Conservationists say the nets, used to protect people from sharks, are killing too many dolphins and turtles.
Gecko's strange tactic for escaping predators
This little gecko has a pretty unusual way of giving predators the slip
Calvapilosa: The spiky slug with hundreds of teeth
Check out this prehistoric sea slug that researchers have reconstructed from an amazingly well preserved fossil found in Morocco.
Thousands of jellyfish wash up on Australian beach
Thousands of jellyfish have washed up on a beach in Queensland in Australia.
Pictures: Seven adventurous animals
This week, 80 falcons appeared on a plane and a moose turned up in someone's house! So let's have a look at Newsround's top adventurous animals.
Menai the turtle recovering well after being found in Wales
Menai the rare Olive Ridley turtle was found washed up on a beach in Wales in November and was rescued by wildlife experts in Anglesey. She is now eating lots and recovering well.
One of the youngest children in England to get a guide dog
Alice is one of the youngest people in the country to be given a guide dog and now her furry friend is helping her out at school.
Our latest bulletin
Catch up on the latest Newsround bulletin on CBBC.
Elephants and the ivory trade: The crisis in Africa
Newsround's guide to how the ivory trade is having a devastating impact on the number of elephants in the world.
Pictures: Weird animals invading sports events
After hundreds of moths invaded the Euro 2016 final, Newsround looks back at some other animals that have tried to get in on the sporting action.
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