Household Pet Ownership, 2001

Household Pet Ownership, 2001

ItemDogCatPet birdHorse
Percent of households owning companion pets136.1%31.6%4.6%1.7%
 Average number owned1.
 Households obtaining veterinary care285.0%66.8%12.9%56.7%
 Average visits per household per year2.
Percent of households owning pets
Annual household income:
 Under $20,000
 $20,000 to $34,99933.930.94.51.3
 $35,000 to $54,99937.932.24.82.0
 $55,000 to $84,99940.534.34.42.1
 $85,000 and over39.733.74.22.1
Household size:1
 One person
 Two persons34.331.34.01.6
 Three persons46.
 Four persons50.638.26.32.3
 Five or more persons53.
NOTE: Based on a sample survey of 80,000 households in 2001.
1. As of Dec. 31, 2001.
2. During 2001.
Source: American Veterinary Medical Association, Schaumburg, Ill., U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, 2002. Reprinted with permission.

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