Spinosaurus vs. T. rex

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Spinosaurus vs. T. rex
The ultimate grudge match?

by Holly Hartman

Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Rex
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Cretaceous period

In the movie Jurassic Park III, the Spinosaurus is the biggest and baddest dinosaur yet, a worse villain even than Tyrannosaurus rex. Could Spinosaurus in fact defeat T. Rex? Spinosaurus was probably a bit longer than T. rex, though it was more lightly built. But Spinosaurus lived 10-30 million years before T. rex tromped the Earth. Had they been able to time-travel, though, there's no telling what would have happened—who would win a Spinosaurus vs. T. rex fight might depend on the strength of the individual dinosaurs.

  Spinosaurus T. rex
Name means "spine lizard""tyrant lizard"
Length 40-50 feet (12-15 m) 33-45 feet (10-14 m)
Weight 4-6 tons5-7 tons
Era Middle CretaceousLate Cretaceous
Fossils found North Africa, South AsiaNorth America, Mongolia
Walked on two legs? YesYes
Long tail? YesYes
Huge, powerful jaws? YesYes
Carnivore? YesYes
Mystery feature Large sail along its back: did it regulate body temperature? Attract mates? Teeny, useless-looking little arms: what were they used for?
How mean was it? Not applicable: it was a reptile. Reptiles don't have complex feelings. Also a reptile

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